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The NW Analytical Chemistry Unit works closely with researchers providing a reliable, robust and high-quality analytical service, following strict Standard Test Methods and the Joint Code of Practice (JCoPR) and participate in the Aquacheck proficiency testing scheme.

We provide analysis (and some extraction) procedures as a service, but also routinely work alongside other scientific staff as project members. Our services include:

  • analysis of water samples forammonium, total oxidised nitrogen, soluble reactive phosphorus, total carbon, total nitrogen and phosphorus in water samples; analysis of soil extracts for ammonium, total oxidised nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • ruminant nutrition, e.g. fibre fractions, crude protein, water soluble carbohydrates and volatile fatty acids.
  • biogeochemistry, e.g. concentration and 13Cof n-alkanes, PLFAs, and FAMES)
  • stable isotopes e.g. bulk stable isotopes of 15N and 13Cin solid samples, and 15N or 13C in N2O or CO2 from gaseous samples.
  • analysis of greenhouse gases; the Denitrification Incubation System (DENIS) laboratory is also partially run through the NW ACU