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Antler Bio is proudly developing EpiHerd, our cutting-edge herd screening platform. It encapsulates our commitment to transforming livestock farming into a more sustainable and profitable venture while elevating animal health and welfare standards.

The conventional belief that an animal’s traits and performance are solely determined by its genetics is antiquated and oversimplified. The reality is far more nuanced and multifaceted, with traits being influenced by a myriad of external factors ranging from diet to environmental conditions.

EpiHerd employs a sophisticated blend of transcriptomics, epigenomics, and Artificial Intelligence to assess gene expression levels in animals. This comprehensive evaluation sheds light on traits such as yield, fertility, and health disorders, offering farmers unprecedented holistic insights into their herds. Bridging the gap between genetics, environment, and performance, EpiHerd empowers farmers to take precise targeted actions that optimize productivity, efficiency, and animal welfare.

By optimizing external factors that impact animal performance, farmers can unlock the full genetic potential of their herds. This results in happier, healthier animals that are not only more sustainable but also more profitable for farmers.