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Curtis Analytics

Rothamsted AgriTech Business Centre tenant, Curtis Analytics, focus on amino acid (sugar) analysis in wheat. Curtis Analytics became tenants at Rothamsted in September 2017 having worked at Rothamsted previously.

Director Tanya Curtis comments:

“I have felt proud and privileged to work in the oldest research campus in the world. It made sense for me to be associated with Rothamsted because of the work we are trying to achieve. I’m trying to solve a global problem. Having spent ten years working on mitigation of acrylamide formation in food, I wanted to continue this work as I was so close to solving the problem. Curtis Analytics has been very successful in its’ first year. We have regular clients who send samples every other month. We’re also in contact with the other Rothamsted tenants and have submitted three Innovate UK projects and successfully won one of them.”

“In terms of how Curtis Analytics is contributing to the future and growth of agritech, the ASNInsta testing project will help farmers and breeders to test for asparagine at a fraction of the price of sample testing at present. That allows them to correct the fertilisation regimes they manage, to reduce the free asparagine concentration to the minimum that would help them produce low asparagine varieties and low asparagine wheat. Thus, allowing all of us to eat safer food.”