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Deep Blue BioTech’s mission is to move synthetic biology from the lab to the marketplace.

Their Cyanobacteria technology platform is able to produce high-value chemicals that will replace their current fossil-derived alternatives in the market. These chemicals are mainly obtained through fossil duels and attempts for alternative sources have failed due to cost constraints.

Deep Blue Biotech’s cost-effective solution will allow their chemicals to initially penetrate key industries like Pharma, Beauty and Personal Care, to eventually expand in other markets maximising their carbon mitigation potential.

Synthetic biology to regenerate the planet. We believe in the power of synthetic biology to decarbonize many of our everyday chemicals to present a new and essential alternative to address the current climate crisis. Through the collective effort of many industries, science disciplines, moral imagination, and creativity, we will start reverting the trend that brought us here. By recreating the building blocks of our everyday economy, we will create the multiplier effect that we need now to make a real impact faster. Deep Blue BioTech’s mission is to imagine that collective future and then create it.