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Evolving Their Journey to Innovate Microbial Discovery

When FungiAlert was founded in 2015 their vision was to develop the tools that enabled early detection of soil pathogens to support sustainable agriculture and revolutionise disease management practices. Now, in 2021, following the successful development and commercialisation of their SporSenZ technology as a soil microbial analysis tool for growers, they are pivoting their mission from offering diagnosis tools to developing sustainable microbial treatments.

To support their new mission, FungiAlert is rebranding to FA Bio to better reflect the next stage of their vision, to discover and develop sustainable farming solutions. In 2021, they fundraised a seed investment round and are now focused on growing the team to deliver their mission, to lead a paradigm shift in the discovery and development of superior bio-products.

FA Bio are very excited to embark on the next stage of their journey as they lead the way in discovering and developing superior microbial biofungicides and biofertilisers. Keep up to date on the imminent news of their rebranding on social media.

Dr. Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver, CEO & Co-Founder FA Bio comments

“It’s hugely important to us that FungiAlert contributes to the future growth of agri. Preventative spraying of pesticides is common in agriculture, as currently growers don’t have any method to advise them about the risk of plant diseases. However, by doing so, they contribute to the development of resistant plant pathogens, to the contamination of the water, and to wildlife reduction (i.e. bees). Our vision is to decrease the redundant use of preventative spraying amongst farmers, by providing disruptive plant disease sensors and services, to guide evidence-based farming practices.”