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FA Bio, previously FungiAlert, is a creative and curious entrepreneurial business, with a vision to protect the natural ecosystems that we need to sustain life by providing game-changing bioproducts for agriculture, that can replace chemical inputs.

Focused on discovering sustainable farming solutions that can restore the biodiversity of degraded soils and increase crop productivity, FA Bio is leading the way in developing superior microbial biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilisers that will drive the evolution of regenerative agriculture.

Utilising its innovative SporSenz technology, FA Bio’s unique targeted sampling technique enables the collection and identification of hard to access and field-adapted soil microbes from agricultural fields, to build a database of the soil microbial community required for development of the next generation of bioproducts.

FA Bio’s approach to discovering and delivering successful microbial bioproducts will help the world to advance on its pathway towards a net-zero carbon agriculture industry.

Dr. Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver, COO & CO-Founder FA Bio comments

“To feed our growing population whilst minimising agriculture’s environmental impact, we need to produce more food using fewer resources. FA Bio is discovering and developing superior bioproducts with the potential to solve this problem. We have reinvented how microbes in agriculture are discovered using our proprietary SporSenZ sampling technology alongside our targeted sampling approach, enabling us to build a scalable Microbial Discovery Platform. This proprietary microbial discovery and development platform will revolutionise sustainable agriculture through the production of superior bioproducts.”