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As part of the community here at the Rothamsted Agri-Tech Business Centre, you will enjoy access to a vibrant programme of world-class collaborative events, conferences and workshops, providing opportunities to connect with our global network of corporate and research partners.

As a tenant of Rothamsted Agri-Tech Business Centre, you will be updated fortnightly with our newsletter, detailing a range of agritech and business events that may be relevant to your organisation, as well as funding opportunities and networking events to consider.

Business Tools Webinar from Rothamsted Enterprises & Farm491: Pitching – how to approach a customer vs an investor

Weds 3rd February 11am-11.45am

Pitching is something that all entrepreneurs will have to do at some point in their journey. A common misconception is that once you have developed your pitch, it’s good to go for everyone. However pitching to different audiences can really impact the story you tell. Join Farm491’s Sarah Carr who will run through the differences of pitching to an investor vs a customer, a standard template of what to include, and some examples of successful pitches.

Venue: Virtual

Registration opens soon.

Rothamsted Enterprises & Farm491 Webinar: Challenges in Agriculture

Weds 21st April 11.00am-11.45am

Agriculture is different all around the world, but many of the challenges faced are very similar. This webinar will explore on-farm challenges faced by farmers, as well as more global challenges faced by many industries, but ones that unfairly impact agriculture more than any. We will explore what tech can do to mitigate or solve these challenges and how to decrease barriers to adoption.

Venue: Virtual

Registration open now.

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