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Agritech Business Centre

AgRIA is a £1.6M fund to support innovation projects that bring together scientists and small businesses on a dedicated site in Hertfordshire. It is seeking to support 19 new collaborations to boost economic growth.

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Agrimetrics provide access to the linked-data, infrastructure and expertise that organisations and researchers require to solve global food and environmental challenges.

ApresLabs are specialists in pesticide resistance. The company was set up by Dr Graham Moores, a biochemist with a wealth of experience in the insecticide resistance field.

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Archer Biolabs mission is to produce and market high quality streptavidin and other biomolecule functionalized microplates.

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Barton Blakeley researches and develops methods of manufacturing high value materials via the conversion of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. 

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Bio Nano Consulting, a division of AquAffirm Ltd, is a technology consultancy providing international project management, product development and innovation consulting.

Choice Financial work with clients in order to help them manage their finances in the most efficient and effective way possible

Femtogenix was founded in 2015 to produce next generation payload molecules for use in antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer.

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FungiAlert is passionate about increasing agricultural productivity and sustainability using disruptive, early detection sensors, and novel soil-health analysis. Read their case study to find out more.

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The Gowan Group is a global, family-owned agricultural solutions company. It specialises in the development, registration, and marketing of crop protection products, seeds, and fertilizers as well as retail / crop consultancy, contract formulation / warehousing, and the production of Medjool dates.

Grow Biotech seeks to unlock the medical potential of cannabis for those who need it.

The Hearts Milk Bank is supported by the Human Milk Foundation, to provide the opportunity of being fed with human milk to every baby who could benefit.

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Meta-LUCID specialises in the design and implementation of leadership identification and development strategies, to enable the whole organisation to “think and execute” beyond their current perceived boundaries to achieve improved business outcomes.

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New Net Technologies provides cybersecurity and compliance software for enterprise and government organizations.

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PheroSyn develop and supply new types of insect pest pheromones for smarter and more sustainable pest management.

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Phytoform Labs seeks to minimise the damaging impact of agriculture on the environment and to make food crops healthier for consumers.

Plant Impact aims to find ways to improve crop quality and yield. By researching complex plant stress responses their scientists can develop new bio stimulant chemistry that can work with plants’ natural processes to improve crop quality, yield and shelf life.

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Prayon are a world leader in phosphate chemistry. Prayon manufactures and distributes a wide range of purified phosphoric acids, phosphate salts and fluorine products geared towards the food and fertiliser sectors.

Ryeharvest aims to reduce single-use plastic wrapping of protein and cereal bars. The company is seeking to invent eco-friendly, edible and non-pollutant packaging by producing a biopolymer which is made entirely from organic, plant-based ingredients.

S-Chelate Plant Nutrition has developed a range of novel, biologically friendly micro-nutrients that very effectively deliver essential minerals to plants and is in the process of obtaining Organic Certification.

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Strategic Allies are an open innovation and technology scouting services company, helping businesses find differentiated technologies and partners.

Straw Innovations was started in December 2016 with the purpose of making better use of Asia’s leftover rice straw. The company is developing an integrated process that will use this vast resource to produce more food, fuel and green construction materials.

CHAP is an independent ‘nexus’ bringing together researchers, industry and government to accelerate the identification, development and adoption of innovative agricultural technologies to boost UK and global crop productivity in a sustainable manner.

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TIMAC AGRO UK are specialists in plant and animal nutrition. They have extensive knowledge and experience in crop nutrition, soil conditioning and fertiliser efficiency.

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How we work with our tenants

We appreciate an open innovation environment is a new way of working for many and can benefit users in different ways:

Collaborative Research

If embarking on a fixed-term project with a collaborative partner, we have the ideal environment to give you joint project space that works for all parties. We can provide you with shared laboratory space for up to 6 research scientists and the use of a project office. We offer a full range of support services with access to a cold room, prep labs and common meeting areas.

International R&D Soft Landing

As an international Agri-tech Research & Development company, with a Head Office outside the UK or Europe, an additional base at Rothamsted Agri-Tech Business Centre will increase your organisation’s presence within the UK and provide a platform from which to engage with other agri-tech companies and associated research bodies. You will also have the support of Rothamsted’s scientific services and guidance from the Rothamsted Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation team.

Consortia Building

You might want to establish your multi-partner agri-related consortia here in our Innovation Hub, enjoying access to office facilities, facilitating closer collaboration with Rothamsted. Additional desk space is available on flexible terms within the agile working suite to accommodate visiting colleagues and partners.

Associate Service

If you would like a presence at Rothamsted but without committing to taking permanent space, you might want to take advantage of our associate service. Your link to the centre as an agri-related company or organisation will be acknowledged through signage, content and a link on our website, introductions to Rothamsted scientists and tenants, as well as invitations to our range of agri, business and educational events. You will also have time-restricted access to the hot desks and open meeting spaces and discounted use of the conference centre facilities.

Whatever your needs, we would welcome an early dialogue with you as to what arrangements may best work for you, so that we are able to create a tailored solution suited to your requirements.

Interested in basing your business at Rothamsted?