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History of Rothamsted Manor

The first record of the Rothamsted estate was made in 1212 when it was owned by Henry Gubion. By 1292 the estate had passed to William Nowell who sold it to Ralph de Creci in 1355. The Bardolph family acquired it by the marriage of Edmund Bardolph to Elizabeth Cressy 1519, the heir of Edmund Cressy.

In 1623 the house was bought from the Bardolph family by Anne Wittewronge, the widow of Jacob Wittewronge, on behalf of her son John who was then 4 years old. John became Lord of The Manor of Rothamsted in 1639 and the estate continued to be passed through the family until John Bennet Lawes, the founder of Rothamsted Experimental Station, now Rothamsted Research, was born in the house on 28th December 1814.

Filled with impressive features that have remained largely untouched since the 1600s, the Manor will impress guests and provide plenty of inspiration for any events you choose to host.

There are 2 historical booklets to download about Rothamsted Manor:

A simplified history of the Manor, its inhabitants, and rooms – Download here

A fuller history brochure – download here

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