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S-Chelate Plant Nutrition: Chemistry, not Mystery!

Plants need to receive micronutrients for healthy growth. But in many areas of the world calcareous soils and clay soils are alkaline. This alkalinity locks up micronutrients making it difficult or impossible for plants to absorb them, thus affecting their health and development. Even when fertiliser with micronutrients is applied in acidic soil, the micronutrients will often not be absorbed as they need to be.

The S-chelates product range – developed over years of research – provide a new and more effective way for plants to absorb the micronutrients they need, even when growing in soils or other growing media which have been found to lock up established sources of micronutrients.

What is S-Chelate Plant Nutrition?

The S-Chelate process has been developed to deliver the micronutrients that each plant requires with the optimum level of chelation. It’s chemistry, not mystery! 

The chelating agent is produced through a biological fermentation process instead of a synthetic chemical process and is less bio-accumulative than other chelated systems.

Experiments have shown the S-chelate products dramatically boost flowering, fruiting and growth by unlocking and enhancing available nutrition.

In addition to the above, other benefits include:

  • Eco-Friendly – they don’t build up in the environment
  • Cheaper – makes more economic use of expensive minerals
  • Function across a wider pH range than competitive products
  • More efficient – the chelating technology transports the nutrient quickly into the plant
  • Versatile they are compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides
  • Adaptable – can be applied as coating to NPK granules or as foliar treatment

Barry Langdon, founder, comments:

“Rothamsted Enterprises’ laboratory and marketing, along with Rothamsted Research’s plant trial facilities and network are proving to be invaluable supports to my S-Chelate Plant Nutrition business. I am a small business and really need these services to grow but at an affordable price level. Rothamsted have stepped up to the plate with world class facilities and people all run with an open, welcoming culture.”