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We have developed a wide range of scientific facilities and resources in the pursuit of our research objectives and work in support of National Capabilities.

  • Our Farms – Rothamsted Research farms covers over 800 Ha and are spread across 4 counties.
  • Livestock And Farm Resources, North Wyke – Rothamsted Research’s North Wyke site hosts a 350ha beef and sheep farm and is home to the North Wyke Farm Platform National Capability. The research at North Wyke aims to demonstrate the true impact and value of ruminant livestock systems through improvement in efficiencies of pasture-fed livestock whilst reducing emissions to the atmosphere and water courses, an approach described as the sustainable intensification of livestock. Expertise includes soil science, grazing systems, greenhouse gases and ruminant health and nutrition.
  • The Rothamsted Insectary – A specialised facility that maintains a range of both indigenous and exotic insect species.
  • Field Scanalyzer – A fully-automated, high throughput field phenotyping platform built by LemnaTec GMBH.
  • Cereal Transformation – Rothamsted Research offers a cereal transformation service to generate transgenic wheat plants for research purposes for both internal and external contracts.
  • Glasshouses And Controlled Environment Services – The Horticultural and Controlled Environments are specialist plant growth and ancillary support facilities here at Rothamsted Research.
  • Bioimaging – Rothamsted Research’s bioimaging facility provides equipment and training dedicated to facilitate cutting-edge science through the provision of up to date and advanced imaging equipment and expertise in the life sciences. Our facility is open to all investigators, internal research staff, collaborators and external clients. Our team has specialist expertise and we provide access, training and a fully managed service as required.
  • Metabolomics At Rothamsted (MeT-RO) – Using NMR and MS techniques, MeT-RO delivers a high throughput plant metabolomics facility that supports RRes research projects and is accessible to internal and external users.
  • Analytical Chemistry Unit – The Analytical facility with Laboratories at Harpenden and North Wyke provide a specialist Agricultural Analysis service in support of the research programmes of the Institute, collaborators and external clients.
  • Library And Information Services (LIS) – LIS provides print and online library services for Rothamsted employees across all sites as well as safeguarding Rothamsted’s heritage collections.
  • The UK National Willow Collection – Rothamsted Research holds the National Willow Collection, one of the largest ensembles of Salix germplasm in the world.
  • The Rothamsted Sample Archive – With remarkable prescience, Lawes and Gilbert retained samples of crops, soils, fertilisers and manures from the long-term experiments, dating back to the 1840s.
  • The Insect Survey – The Insect Survey is a National Capability hosted by Rothamsted and funded by BBSCRC. The Insect survey is host to a nationwide network of suction and light traps that collect invaluable data on the migration of moths and aphids.
  • PHI-BASE – The Pathogen-Host Interaction database is an open access internet resource which provides information on pathogenicity, virulence and effector genes from different pathogens.
  • Farm Platform Data Portal – The Farm Platform National Capability Data Portal contains data for the Farm Platform at North Wyke in Devon and makes this available to both Rothamsted staff and the wider research community.
  • E-RA – The electronic Rothamsted Archive (e-RA) provides a permanent managed database for secure storage of data from Rothamsted’s Classical Experiments, the oldest, continuous agronomic experiments in the world.
  • Environmental Change Network – Rothamsted Research has been involved with the terrestrial side of the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) since 1992.
  • Models And Analytical Tools – We have developed models and analytical tools through the course of our research which you are welcome to share – ROTHC, ROTHLIME, MOTOR, SPACSYS can be accessed here.
  • Sirius Wheat Simulation Model – Sirius is a wheat simulation model used in research by many scientists to understand crop responses to environmental variations and stress, and in practice by farmers to optimise water and N management.
  • LARS-WG Weather Simulation Model – LARS-WG is a computationally inexpensive tool to generate local-scale climate scenarios based on global climate models for impact assessments of climate change. LARS-WG has been used in more than 75 countries.
  • KNETMINER – Knetminer provides an easy to use, web interface to visualisation and data mining tools for the discovery and evaluation of candidate genes from large scale integrations of public and private data sets.

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