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Standard Terms and Conditions for Rothamsted Enterprises

All reservations for conference, banqueting, meeting and training facilities are made upon and are subject to the terms and conditions set out below: 

  1. Definitions

Agreed” means agreed in writing between the Company and the Client. “The Client” means the person, firm or company contracting  to hire facilities operated by the Company. “The Company” means Rothamsted Enterprises Limited incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 03726930 whose registered office is at Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ and each of its group of companies. “Deposit” means the payment to the Company to secure the Reservation. “Function” means the event for which the Client has made the Reservation. “Reservation” means the hire of the Company’s venue facilities on the terms referred to herein. “Total Contracted Charges” means total aggregate charges for the Function including but not limited to room hire, catering, audio and visual equipment and any other additional charges plus VAT. “Data Protection Legislation” all legislation relating to personal data. “Working Day” means any day other than Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. 

  1. General

(a) The Reservation shall only be deemed to be accepted by the Company when the Client has (i) Agreed to the quote and these Terms and Conditions and (ii) the Company has confirmed the Reservation in writing.  

(b) If for any reason the Company is unable to accept the Client’s Reservation, the Client will be notified in writing and will not be charged for the Function.  

(c) No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless Agreed.  

(d) Any notices to be given under these Terms and Conditions must be given in writing and deemed to have been duly served if (i) hand delivered or sent by first class registered post or recorded delivery post and received on a Working Day within business hours of 9am to 5pm or (ii) sent by email to the addresses stated on these Terms and Conditions within business hours of 9am to 5pm on a Working Day.  

(e) The Client may not assign, transfer or sub-contract its rights and/or obligations under these Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of the Company.  

(f) These Terms and Conditions do not give rise to any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of the Contract.  

(g) All additional services and associated charges shall be agreed by the Client  before being incurred.  

(h) These Terms and Conditions operate alongside the Conduct, Safety & Heritage guidelines that are available on request, or on our website. The Company reserves the right to provide guidelines to the Client for all Functions. The Client agrees to abide by the guidelines if supplied. 

(i) The Client will not have exclusive use of the Reservation unless otherwise Agreed in the booking contract. The Client agrees that the meeting rooms attached to the restaurant and car park remain open to the public.  

  1. Eligibility and Numbers

    (a) The Client agrees to provide the Company’s personnel with full details of the nature and agenda of the Function. The Client agrees to notify the Company of the exact number of guests expected to attend no later than 10 Working Days prior to the Function, or if later, at the time the Client requests the Reservation. The Client agrees to pay the Company’s charges for the greater of (i) the actual number of guests attending the Function or (ii) the number of guests notified to the Company within the relevant time limits. 
    (b) Please Note: The Company reserves the right to move the Function to a different room should (i) the expected number  of guests fall below the minimum number appropriate for the specific room which has been reserved for the Function or (ii) to a similar or larger room due to the Company’s business requirements. 

4. Payment 

a) New Clients shall pay in full, no later than 10 Working Days prior to the Function. For all Functions an initial Deposit of 25% of the Total Contracted Charges may be requested once the Client has Agreed to the quote and these Terms and Conditions. Full payment of the Reservation must be made not less than 10 Working Days prior to the date of the Function unless Agreed otherwise by the Company . If the actual cost of the Function exceeds the Total Contracted Charges for any reason, the Client agrees to pay in full any balance due within 30 days from presentation of the final invoice. Any outstanding amounts that remain unpaid will incur interest at 3% above the base lending rate for the Bank of England from the due date until the date of actual payment. VAT is charged at the appropriate rate where applicable. Payment must be made in pounds sterling and may be made by cheque, BACS or debit card only. Credit card payment may be accepted by prior agreement with the Company. Debit and credit cards may be subject to a surcharge.

b) In the unlikely event there is a dispute, the Client agrees to make payment in full  of the Total Contracted Charges which are not in dispute

  1. Cancellation by the Client

If the Client wishes to cancel the rooms and/or services or reduce the number of the guests, the Client agrees to give the Company notice in writing. Notice is only effective on actual receipt by the Company. In the event of cancellation by the Client of the Reservation or reduction in number of guests the Client agrees to pay to the Company the cancellation charge in accordance with the following table: 


More than 6 months’ notice The full amount of the Deposit  
3 to 6 months’ notice 50% of the Total Contracted Charges 
1 to 3 months’ notice 75% of the Total Contracted Charges 
Less than 1 months’ notice 90% of the Total Contracted Charges 

The Client agrees (i) to pay the cancellation charge no later than 30 days from presentation of the invoice (ii) to permit the Company to use and/or set off any Client pre-payment against the cancellation charge (or for any other amounts due and owing to the Company). The Company shall in addition charge to the Client any Agreed third party costs incurred by the Company (to the extent non-refundable) in respect of goods or services booked for the Function which are no  longer required as a result of the cancellation. 

  1. Cancellation by the Company 

The Company reserves the right to cancel the Reservation by notice in writing to the Client, for the following reasons: (i) the Function cannot proceed due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company or (ii) the Client has failed to pay the Deposit upon request and/or any other payment required pursuant to clause 4, or (iii) has otherwise failed in any material respect to comply with these Terms and Conditions or (iv) if the Client becomes insolvent or (v) if in the reasonable opinion of the Company it considers that the Client may damage the reputation or the premises of the Company. If the Company cancels the Reservation where the Client is not at fault, the Company will refund any amounts paid by the Client. If the Company cancels the Reservation due to the act or default of the Client as stated above the Company shall have the right to charge the cancellation fees set out above but will otherwise have no further liability to the Client. 

  1. Punctuality

The Client agrees to commence the Function promptly at the time(s) Agreed     with the Company and to procure that its guests vacate the room(s) designated for the Function at the time(s) Agreed with the Company. The Client will reimburse the Company all losses, costs and expenses incurred by the Company (including but not limited to additional payments to staff) as a result of any breach by the Client of this clause 7. 

  1. Conduct

The Client shall be responsible for any loss of, or damage to the Company property including buildings, fixtures, fittings, furnishings, utensils and the Company equipment during the period of hire. 

Should the Company require the Client to provide security or any additional security for the Function, the Company will inform you in writing. The Company will supply the appropriate security services and the Client agrees to be responsible for the costs which will be added to the Client’s invoice. 

The cost of repair of any damage caused to the buildings, fixtures, fittings or furnishings or additional cleaning will be charged to the Client and added to the Client’s invoice. Nothing must be attached to the walls unless otherwise Agreed. 

The Client (i) will not and will procure that its contractor(s) will not bring any dangerous and/or hazardous items to the Company’s premises and (ii) remove any items promptly when requested to do so by an employee or any other authorised person of the Company. 

9. Contractors

(a) Should the Client wish to employ the services of a third party contractor (e.g. other than a contractor supplied by the Company), the Client must inform the Company as soon as practicable. The Company reserves the right within its sole discretion and without assigning any reason to refuse access to any such contractor. A copy of the risk assessment completed by any contractor employed directly by the Client and a copy of their liability insurance policy must be provided to the Company and approved no later than 5 Working Days before the Function. 

(b) Exhibition and exhibitor plans and access times shall be approved by the Company in writing in advance. 

(c) The Client agrees to indemnify the Company and to keep it fully indemnified against any loss, damage or injury resulting from any act or omission of the Client’s contractor, or their agents including but not limited to any loss, damage or injury resulting from equipment supplied by the Client’s contractor. 

(d) It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that they and all contract staff engaged by the Client comply with all health and safety and other statutory requirements and are fully aware of their responsibilities whilst in the Company’s premises, and of the Company’s non-smoking and behaviour policies. 

  1. Injury to persons or property

The Client will indemnify the Company and keep it fully indemnified from and against any claims, demands or proceedings brought against the Company by third parties arising out of or in connection with the Function except to the extent that death or personal injury is caused by the negligent act or omission of the Company its agents. 

  1. Advertising

No advertising or selling is allowed on the premises, except in the privacy of a closed meeting. Any form of publicity or display requires the Company’s consent in writing. Any subsequent advertisement of any product or service (e.g. invitations) must not mention the Company. The names “Rothamsted Enterprises”, “Rothamsted Conference Centre”, “Rothamsted Agritech Business Centre”, “Rothamsted Manor” or “Rothamsted Restaurant” may only be used to indicate where the Function is located. 

  1. Public Relations, website and social media

The Company may use your details for social media, online and may pass your details on to the Marketing Team if your permission is obtained. Any personal data that you provide is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. 

  1. Food and Beverages

The Company reserves the right to change the food and/or beverage offering to a reasonable alternative due to circumstances beyond their control. No food or beverage may be brought into the Company’s premises by the Client or by its contractors, agents or guests for consumption unless the prior written consent of the Company has been obtained. If the Company grants consent it may within its sole discretion levy an additional charge in respect thereof. In relation to beverages alone, if the Client wishes to provide their own beverages the Company’s standard corkage charge will apply.  

  1. Personal Property 

The Company does not accept liability for any personal property or equipment of the Client or of the Client’s contractors, agents, guests or invitees or hired by the Company on the Client’s behalf and brought to the Company premises unless delivered to the Company for safekeeping and a ticket or other form of receipt is given. 

  1. Limitation of Liability

If required by the Company, the Client shall obtain public liability insurance cover for the Function at no cost to the Company. The Company reserves the right to request a copy of the Client’s public liability insurance policy or other evidence of compliance as part of this obligation. Failure to provide proof of insurance cover as required in these Terms and Conditions, at the time of requesting the Reservation, will lead to cancellation of the event and cancellation charges may apply. 

The maximum liability of the Company to the Client in respect of a breach of this agreement shall be limited to the Total Contracted Charges payable by the Client. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for consequential losses or any other indirect losses of any nature howsoever arising. 


16. Force Majeure

Neither party shall be in breach of these Terms and Conditions nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions if such delay or failure result from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control (whether on the part of the Company’s employees or otherwise). 

  1. Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.